December 2020 Housing Market Update

Typically we see a big slow down in Real Estate listings and transactions as we shift into the holiday season.  But 2020 has truly been anything but typical and really kept us on our toes.  Is this trend holding true for this year?
  • For the first time in awhile, we see a number that is nearly flat year over year, which statistic do you think that is?
  • Total number of listings on the market continued its double digit trend downward, at almost the same pace as last months!
  • Do any of these changing statistics mean the market is heading into a slowdown? We’ll let you know what the experts are saying.

Watch the video to get all the updates in our December 2020 Housing Market Update!

As always, we are here to answer questions you may have or discuss the best options for selling or purchasing your home in 2021.

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