Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Finding and purchasing a home is a big, time consuming and often stressful (but exciting!) process. Having the right team of real estate experts working alongside you can truly make or break your home buying experience and outcome.  When you are ready to get serious about buying a house there are many steps you should take before actually setting out to look at homes, but how do you know where to begin?  This is where the help of a top Real Estate Agent comes in.  Engaging a licensed Real Estate Agent early in the process will allow you to be methodical about your search and position you for success in the long run.

So how do you find a great Real Estate Agent to work with? Here are some tips we can share:

  1. Ask people you know who they have used in their real estate transactions and if they would recommend them.  Word of mouth is by far the best way to find Agents to interview. 
  2. Reach out to several Agents and set up an initial consultation. 
  3. During this consultation, the dialogue should be balanced between the Agent wanting to find out information about you and your goals and you about the Agent.  Both of you should be evaluating one another to see if the partnership would be a good fit.  Be wary of an Agent who only talks about themselves and doesn’t ask questions about what you are looking for (both in an Agent and in a new home.)  
  4. Expect lots of information and expertise to be shared during that initial meeting.  If it’s not, then keep looking.  You do not want to choose someone who expects you to commit to partnering before they will share the details of how they work.  Ask about your specific wants and needs and how the Agent might go about finding you the perfect home, how they work in hot markets where inventory moves quickly, how they approach multiple offer situations, how they negotiate the best possible price for you, etc.  
  5. Ask what are the top three things that separate them from their competition.  A good Agent will be able to tell you what differentiates them, how their answer resonates with what you value is what matters.  
  6. Ask them if they can help connect you with other professionals you will need along this journey.  Can they recommend qualified and a reputable mortgage Lender, home inspector, and title company to work with?  What about a contractor to help with needed projects after you move in?  A good Real Estate Agent will be highly connected and able to share vetted resources with you. 
  7. Ask for a list of references.  A good trustworthy Agent should have an exhaustive list of former clients to share!

Finding the right Real Estate Agent can be the difference between finding and buying your dream home, or not.  We believe in becoming your partner in your real estate journey, not just your sales Agent to manage the transaction. 

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