Making An Offer

Before writing an offer, we will have an important conversation about your thoughts on that particular property and how aggressive we should be in our offer and negotiation strategy.  Is it most important to get the house at all costs or would you be willing to walk away if they don’t agree to what we are offering?  The period of when an offer is submitted to when it is accepted can be stressful and it’s good to have a clear set of expectations of how things could go so no surprises happen.

The Nelson Team’s Proven Offer Negotiating Strategy:

  1. Building rapport with the listing agent, learning about the sellers situation and timeline while gathering information on other potential offers
  2. Once we have obtained as much information as possible we will review the strategy options we discussed at your Buyer consultation and prepare your best offer to the Seller. 
  3. We encourage and help facilitate your Lender to contact the Listing Agent once your offer has been submitted.  The lender will speak on behalf of your qualifications.  Pro tip:  our preferred Lenders always contact the listing agent.  You won’t believe your how this one phone call can help you win the home! 
  4. Communication is a critical aspect of our negotiating strategy.  We are in constant contact with the Listing Agent and Lender.  We strongly believe in the power of a phone call.  Once the offer is submitted the seller typically has 24 hours to respond with acceptance, a counter offer or to not respond at all.  
  5. Our team’s reputation in the Denver area Real Estate community is just one of the ways we can help your offer rise to the top. 
  6. We are honest, ethical and have a clear and positive approach to what we do. 

Once your offer is accepted you are officially “Under Contract”….congratulations!  Click here for more information on what to expect during this process.

During this process, we will also try to uncover any specifics that the seller would like to have accommodated in the sale process.  Often times including those terms can lead to acceptance, possibly even at a lower purchase price.  We will also try and determine if the seller has received other offers or if there is a threat of an offer on its way. Once we have this information we will prepare your offer which includes:

  1. Proof that you can afford their home.  This includes the pre-approval letter from the lender and a financial statement showing proof of earnest money deposit and down payment.
  2. The Real Estate Purchase agreement with dates for all major deadlines included

Once the offer is submitted, the seller typically has 24 hours to respond with acceptance, a counteroffer or to not respond at all.  We stay in touch with the seller’s agent during this process to keep tabs on how things are going and what we can expect to receive back.  This communication allows us to discuss what our next steps will be.

If the offer is rejected, this means they got a better offer or better terms than we were able to offer.  It is unfortunate but this is the reality of real estate.  We can however offer to be a “backup” to the accepted offer should things not work out with their chosen offer.

If they counter offer we will discuss whether to accept or submit a counter offer.

And if they accept, then congratulations, you are under contract!

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