5 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

When buying or selling a home, there can often times be issues that are uncovered during the inspection process. In order to avoid surprises and insure your home is ready to sell, we recommend addressing five items that commonly cause home sales to fall through.


1. Have the Sewer Line Inspected


More often than not, homeowners neglect their sewer lines and are completely unaware of their condition. By hiring a licensed professional to inspect the lines, you can rest assured your sewer lines are free from any cracks, tree root intrusion, or other possible issues.


2. Check Your Roof for Damage


Along with sewer lines, your home’s roof is a big ticket item that buyers are concerned with. With hail storms in Colorado, it is always best to have your roof inspected for damage as soon as possible. Damage that is unattended to can lead to more severe issues and a more costly repair.


3. Inspect the Electrical Wiring Throughout Your Home


Newer homes typically don’t have issues with proper wiring, however, older homes built between the 1920’s and 1950’s may have older wiring that has yet to be updated. If this is the case, the wiring must be brought up to code in order to handle the higher voltage modern appliances.


4. Make Sure Your HVAC Systems Are in Good Condition


HVAC systems include your furnace, air conditioner, evaporative cooler, and water heater. Having these essential components inspected before selling your home will give you and potential buyers peace of mind knowing everything is in working order.


5. Test Your Home’s Radon Levels


Colorado has higher levels of radon gas than other parts of the country. If the levels in your home are high, installing a radon mitigation system will be required to ensure your safety and the safety of your buyers.


By having these five items inspected before selling your home, you can eliminate some of the headaches and surprises that popup throughout the process, give potential buyers better piece of mind, and you more negotiating power having taken care of these beforehand.

If you are currently preparing to sell your home or would just like to have these items inspected. Please reach out to us and ask for our recommended inspectors by contacting us above!