Should You Sell Your Home To Opendoor?


iBuyer?  Opendoor?  You’ve likely heard of both of these by now but do you know what they are?  In this weeks video we will tell you about how ibuying companies like Opendoor might seem like the quick and convenient route to selling your home, but as with anything, sometimes something that sounds too good to be true, usually is.

Here are some questions we will address:

(1) What are iBuyer programs?

(2) What is the process for selling my home to an iBuyer?

(3)  So, what’s the catch?  How do they make a profit?
If you are considering selling your home, we recommend you reach out to an experienced Realtor (hint: US!) to help determine the best way to sell your home. With The Nelson Team on your side, we can maximize convenience AND profit for you!